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GMP Cash "Thumbnail Page Creator" (TPC) Sample 5 - Text Only With Titles & Discriptions
  • Site: All
  • Link Type: All
  • Show Images: No
  • Show Titles: Yes
  • Bold Titles: Yes
  • Show Descriptions: Yes
  • Descriptions Bold: No
  • Font: Verdana
  • Font Size: 12
  • Full Table Width: 740
  • Table Columns: 6
  • Cell Padding: 6
  • Target: _self
  • Table Background Color: #641675
  • Linked Text Color: #f6cdff
  • Non-Linked Text Color: #fdf4ff
  • Image Width: blank
  • Max Number of Links: 36
  • Categories: All
  • Hardcore/Softcore: N/A